My Privacy Policy

I know very well that I am not a mere content writer with acumen in writing only. I have grown by passing a tunnel of designing skills, SEO flairs, and most importantly, Internet marketing genome with quick adaptability in learning the latest technologies, trends, and techniques.

Therefore, I quickly grab the Internet marketing strategies of my clients through a simple allocation of content to write and examining their websites. It doesn’t mean that I will tell or guide others to follow those strategies and methodologies.

It is because I am a professional with the understanding that I have to manage my writing tasks only for the clientele. I shouldn’t look at anything else. Moreover, I know each business, whether it is online or offline, is unique in many respects. Therefore, it requires unique approaches crafted for its bespoke needs.

Thus, the same techniques work for one client hardly work for another for Internet marketing. Thus, I simply refuse to pass any strategy, content, or data of one client to another.

In short, you are secure, and your content is safe with me.

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