What Are the Criteria to Decide Content Quality?

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Everyone seeks quality content on the digital landscape. However, everyone perceives content quality differently and in their own contexts. For instance, SEOs or digital marketers look for ranking, traffic, links, mentions, and social share criteria to define the quality of the content. However, businesses will run after conversions, qualified leads, and revenue-like criteria to measure the quality of their content.

Therefore, a content writer always walks on a two-edged sword and keeps a balance between multiple audiences while writing website copy or marketing stuff. So, I kept others’ perceptions regarding criteria for content quality aside, and I narrated my own story here. I have described what I think and do to deliver quality content to my patrons.



Content relevancy means content should be related to the search query. Google uses semantic analysis to know relevant topics to a certain search query. Therefore, semantic analysis involves clustering any topic into related concepts and entities. In due course, Google uses semantic mapping and coding.

Therefore, as a content writer, I expect a meaningful partnership with my client’s SEO team to provide me with the most appropriate heading for the content and hints about the content theme. Moreover, I expect a list of the most important primary, secondary, and LSI keywords to use in the H1 to H6 headings in the content.

I use these keywords in natural ways to establish content relevancy. I believe that creating quality content always depends on a partnership between the SEO team and the content writer. If anyone proves incompetent, high-quality content remains a nightmare.

Fortunately, I got competent clients. So, either they or their SEO team are capable of supplementing the required information with each assignment.



As mentioned above, I use given keywords to create H1 to H6 headings to create a meaningful content structure. Good content structure has multiple benefits. In due course, I used to do intensive searches on Google and Bing search engines. Of course, modern advanced AI writers can help in this regard, but I refrain from using them often. It’s because they provide mediocre results if you want to create Unicorn content, eventually leading to Donkey content.

I try to create a content layout where headings and sub-headings are in logical ways to focus on the content goals. So, I use the H3 heading more, and each H4 heading describes the H3 heading further with a single focus.



Of course, the excellent content structure provides me with opportunities to enhance the readability of the content. So, I use small paragraphs with accurate punctuation, free from language mistakes, and use plenty of white spaces between those paragraphs.

In due course, I will take the help of AI-powered Grammarly to edit my content and enhance its readability. I often use bullet points to boost readability to the next level. The use of enough sub-headings enables readers to scan the content quickly. I use bold, italics, and other content styling tricks to help readers scan the content and decide whether the content is applicable or not.

I avoid the use of technical jargon unless my audience consists of tech people. To enhance the comprehensiveness of the content, I use active voice more than passive voice wherever possible, and Grammarly, with a premium subscription, again helps me by providing advanced suggestions.


Reference Links:

Reference links between the texts or at the bottom of the page (Footer) can help me establish the content’s authority and accuracy. References also extend the browsing journey and improve user engagement for the target audience. I also use outbound links with appropriate anchor texts to create compelling CTA (Call to Action) for the content.


Content Experience (CX):

I write content for human readers besides search engines (Bots). Therefore, I use images judiciously with relevance to the topic. I use placeholder images for clients with the graphics designer and SEO team for content publishing. Many of my clientele hand over backend access and expect content I uploaded by me.

So, I use my graphic design skills to create unique images or use their account for stock images to download relevant and meaningful images.

Suitable placements of the images improve the comprehensibility and readability of the content.


What Are the Criteria to Decide Content Quality?
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