17 Signs That Reveal You Have Met Your False Twin Flame

False Twin Flame

Have You Met Your False Twin Flame?

Breaking a relationship is always painful, and if being a false twin flame is a chief reason behind the break it becomes even more painful.

Amanda had the same reason for leaving Canada. She was burning in a false flame union with Charles. Now, it is time to find a true twin flame partner for her in the U.S. town where her maternal ancestors are living.

Amanda is reminded of her teenage relationships with John there and now thinks her early relationship with John might be her true twin flame relationship.


“I have wasted my precious decade in the lust of Charles and his wealth in Canada,” Amanda admitted her mistake in front of her friend Juliana after arriving at the U.S. town. You might have an instant query in mind:


What is ‘False Twin Flame’

Falling in love, at first sight, is not new in human history. When you meet your soul mate, you instantly realize that they are already a part of you. You feel an intense, overwhelming, and soulful connection with them. It is a true twin flame connection.

Unfortunately, it does not do not happen in all cases. You can unknowingly meet a twin flame partner who is not your true soul mate. You just perceive them as such. Thus, they are a false twin flame partner.

After several dates, Amanda mistakenly had considered Charles as her true twin flame partner. With the pace of time, she realized that he is a false twin flame partner. Now, she is on the hunt for a true twin flame partner.


17 Signs That Reveal You Have Met Your False Twin Flame


Juliana, being an avid marriage counselor spotted the entire case. She gave some useful hints to Amanda to save her from being caught again in any false twin flame relationships.

I hope these 17 crucial signs may prove savior for many who are knowingly or unknowingly falling into the trap of false twin flame phenomena and likely miss the path to divine consciousness.


#1 – Your gut feeling denies that they are your twin flame

Over time relationships change. Despite its strengthening stages, a gut feeling persists. It indicates they are not your soul mate. You cannot assure yourself about their being your twin flame.

They miss to keep their words often and may hurt by breaking your core belief. They may lie once and you may find them out.


#2 – They seem selfish

It is an important sign and you should not ignore it at any cost by thinking that all humans are selfish.

Despite your unconditional devotion and commitment, they remain self-centered. They love you and take enough care but when pressure increases they turn and leave you desperate.


#3 – He is missing hero-instinct

Men always act as the provider and protectors of women. It remains a hard truth in a love relationship. In false flame love, man only cares about himself and doesn’t show any courage to defend her at any cost.

In most romantic novels and movies, the hero does a die-hard effort to save his lover and protect her from the negative characters.


#4 – They carry a lot of negativity beneath the surface

On the surface, they are kind-hearted. They have buried a lot of negativity like frustration, resentment, and regret, however.

When these feelings find their way, they seem negative about your life, needs and emotion even if they can ignore you at a point.


#5 – They do minimum

While you are together, they seem loving and careful but once you depart, it becomes a distant memory to you. It means they are doing minimum for you to please, not maximum.

With true twin flames, you will have an altogether different experience. Even in the case of distance living, they feel you around.


#6 – They can’t ride the waves with you

When you face a tough time or things get heated they leave you alone. They are unable to handle tough conditions. They can’t provide you with adequate support in your tough time.

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#7 – You astrologically mismatch

Astrology is a science. It shows your life’s connection with cosmic objects. If you take the help of an expert, they might find friction prevailing in your Zodiac signs at both ends.


#8 – They are uncertain about the future with you

They seem loving and caring people. They also admit it verbally but not with a true heart. When it comes to thinking or talking about a future with you, they keep silent.

It means they don’t see you in their future. It is a sure sign of you being with a false twin flame.


#9 – They find someone else as their twin flame

They fall in love with you. You have begun a warm relationship with them. Unfortunately, someone else comes into their life who is their true twin flame. Now, it is time to make a true choice for both of you.


#10 – You feel something wrong between you

In a true twin flame relationship, you are like two halves of a whole. Contrary, in a false twin relationship, something is missing and this feeling eats your life too.


#11 – Problem from the past starts to bubble up again

When the problem from your past starts itself up it is a solid sign of a false twin flame. Despite your hard efforts, once resolved things are getting out again and sour your relationship.


#12 – Your relationship misses mutual support

Mutual support in everyday life is the backbone of any love relationship. You might feel like missing it in false twin flame. You feel lonely and helpless at all times despite the constant presence of your partner.


#13 – They need you to be better so they can be better

The move of your partner in a false twin flame relationship remains selfish. They focus on you to be better because they want the same retrospectively.

In true flame, relationship selfishness remains absent. Both partners remain ready to help each other as well as others in their nearby relations, friends, and even unknown needy. This is a prominent sign of true twin flame.


#14 – They fizzle out quickly

The beginning of a false twin flame relationship remains hot. With the pace of time, you start feeling unknown anxiety within you. It eventually turns to breaking up.

The true twin flame relationship remains full of trust and with a strong bond between them. Despite many efforts or misfortune, they remain together.


#15 – They feel unknown to you

In twin flame vs false twin flame, one obvious difference comes to the surface. When the two meet once and only for a short span they feel like they know each other for long period in the case of the twin flame.

Quite opposite happens in the case of the false twin flame. Despite they spend their time for longer, they seem unknown to each other.


#16 – You don’t feel the Compulsion of being together

Twin flame partners feel a kind of compulsion of being together even if they have seen each other for a few minutes or hours.

This kind of compulsion of being together is missing in the case of false twin flame partners.


#17 – You had the polar opposite upbringings

Upbringing is crucial in an equal love relationship. Different upbringing creates lifestyle and other conflicts in life. In the case of a twin flame, different upbringing suppress up to a level and let them live a happy life.

In the case of false twin flames, the polar opposite upbringing is visible frequently and sours the life.


False Twin Flames Aren’t Real

After departing from false twin flame you might have your right twin flame partner. You may realize many similarities between both and the first one is physical appearance. The next is the mental level.

However, you have found out who is a true twin flame!


Moving on from False Twin Flame

Now, it is time to confirm that you are in a false twin flame relationship with the help of the given signs here, Once you confirm it, you should decide to move on from the false twin flame partnership.

It is purely depending on the context and stage of your life. If you are too late and have children try to keep it either private or avoid any conversation on it. Because breaking up is not the solution to the problem and you have to bear a false twin flame partner for the rest of your entire life for the sake of the healthy life of your kids.

If you have detected it early and are able to converse on it with your partner as well as anyone of you who has found their true twin flame, departure is the best way.

In case you think of breaking safely, involvement of your social circle and relatives is mandatory to make it easy going.


Twin Flame Vs False Twin Flame in Spiritual Life

We have seen 17 signs of the false twin flame. Based on these, we can say something solid on twin flame vs false twin flame:

  • A twin flame is healthy for worldly and spiritual life as well.
  • Twin flame supports you on each move of your worldly & spiritual life.
  • You feel intense spiritual growth on either side with a twin flame relationship.

In the case of a false twin flame, you burn constantly and your life becomes like a hell. If it doesn’t happen, your spiritual growth halts forever.


False Twin Flame Before Real Twin Flame

In one school of thought on spirituality, getting a twin flame or false twin flame is a karmic phenomenon. There are chances that you first get a false twin flame and at any point, you realize your wrong move. Now, it is time to decide because your true twin flame is waiting out there.

These all naturally happen in a karmic path.


How To Get Rid of a False Twin Flame

As we have discussed earlier that break up is not easy and depends on the stage of your life cycle:

Still, you have a chance to rethink over a breakup. Take the help of friends or relatives in this case. If you are firm on your decision follow some essential steps described below:

  • Don’t be rude at all while you think of a breakup from your false twin flame. Both sides should have the realization of the days they have spent together and take a respectful breakup.
  • Don’t lure them for their wealth or possessions. The let goes mentality is a great way to make a safe and respectful departure.
  • Before getting rid of false twin flame either you should have your right twin flame found or you should have an idea of where to go after it.
  • Keep control over your emotion when you see your false twin flame partner emotional over the idea of departure. If possible ask him or her for a logical solution.



1. Why do we meet false twin flame?

When you are not ready to meet or search for your twin flame naturally introduce yourself to a false twin flame first. So, you can get awaken and get yourself ready to go on a true twin flame path.

However, many a time we are not aware of the facts of spirituality. We simply believe in physical attractions or biochemistry and commit the mistake of getting a false twin flame.


2. Can a false twin flame become a real twin flame?

In spirituality, it is possible to convert your false twin flame into a real twin flame with the help of a powerful Guru. Otherwise, it is not possible.

In many instances, you meet your real twin flame but due to worldly circumstances like social, economic, or physical, you cannot realize your partner is a real twin flame and based on some signs you commit a mistake and consider your partner a false twin flame.

It is the main reason, I offer such useful articles to guide you upfront.


Note: This post is a content writing example for a dating niche & spirituality niche.



17 Signs That Reveal You Have Met Your False Twin Flame
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