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Adjectives- The Grammar Game Show Episode 18



Definition –

Nouns are words that describe a place, person, thing, or idea. Adjectives add more info to nouns.

Thus, Adjectives modify nouns, pronouns, and other adjectives in a sentence.

The degree of adjectives –

Three degrees – positive, comparative, and superlative

Types of Adjectives –

  1. Descriptive – describes nouns and pronouns
  2. Quantitative – gives the quantity of something
  3. Demonstrative – Describe ‘Which’ noun and pronoun
  4. Possessive – describe to whom things belong
  5. Interrogative – followed by a noun or pronoun to form a question [which, what, and whose are adjectives but who and how are not]
  6. Distributive – describes specific members out of a group using each, every, either, and any like words
  7. Articles – A, An, and The are also adjectives

Note: If Canada is the proper noun, Canadian is the proper adjective.

The order of adjectives is –

order relating to examples
1 Opinion unusual, lovely, beautiful
2 Size big, small, tall
3 Physical Quality thin, rough, untidy
4 Shape round, square, rectangular
5 Age young, old, youthful, teen, kid
6 Color blue, red, pink
7 Origin Dutch, Japanese, Turkish
8 Material metal, wood, plastic
9 Type general-purpose, four-sided, U-shaped
10 Purpose cleaning, hammering, cooking


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My English Lessons – Adjectives
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