My Work Portfolio as a Freelancer

My Work Portfolio as a Freelancer

I have begun my journey as a content writer (as a freelancer) right from 2008. A Canadian client had inspired me to jump from 3D animator to content writer role by giving some work and complete guidance. Since then, I have written thousands of documents in myriads of niches.

Therefore, I am not going to dive in the distant past, instead remain up to present and some recent past.

My Writing Bits in Dimension Stone Industry Niches

Window Frame

I have been with local Architecture Firms for some years and get the acumen to work in engineering and architectural software. Moreover, it has expanded my knowledge in that niches like 2D drawings, 3D Building Information. Modeling (BIM), and much more,

Period Covered: 2007 – 2020

Types of Work: Blogs + Infographics + SMO Content + 2D Drawings, & 3D Modeling.


My Writing Bits in IT & Software Development Niches

Software Development Niche as a Freelancer

I have worked for a number of Software Companies as an in-house employee. It provided me enough opportunities to learn and grasp the most vital, dynamic, and technically vibrant industry. My growth remains versatile and encompassing upcoming technologies.

Period Covered: 2015 – 2020

Types of Work: Blogs + Infographics + SMO Content + Profiles


My Writing Bits in Trophies & Awards Niche:

Corporate recognition programs and sports incentives come through trophies & awards. It has made the niche highly competitive online and even in-app purchases. Check my contributions to the niche as a freelancer.

Trophy case

Trophies & Award Niche

Best Instance: 15 Best School Trophies for Event in Australia 2019

You can witness how I can justify a large ecommerce content needs and its product augmentations keeping SEO in mind.

Period: Dec. 2017 to Today

Types of Work: Blogs + Infographics

My Writing Bits in Education Niches:

I got a chance to serve a client from education nice to write content for a web portal for eLearning.

Education niche content writer as a freelancer

Engineering eLearning Portal

It was about various engineering courses for diploma and degree engineering, as well as some post-graduate courses.

Time Period: 2017

Types of Work: Web Copywriting

My Writing Bits in Matrimonial Niches:

Accidentally, I came in touch with the owner of a matrimonial site and advised him to redesign the site, and he passed the responsibility of content to me!

Matrimonial site content writing services

Rishta Matrimonial

While writing for the matrimonial niche, as a freelancer, I consider it a social responsibility to lead a new generation in the right direction.

Time Period: 2014 to 2018

Types of Work: Web Copy + Blogs + SMO Content


Clinical Trial Content Writing

My Writing Bits in Clinical Trail Niche:

Clinical Trial Software is a trend in the healthcare industry. I had an opportunity to justify the content for the entire site as well as a case study.

Time Period: 2013 – 2014

Types of Work: Web Pages

My Writing Bits in Entrepreneurship Niche:

I have got an opportunity to work with an academy of entrepreneurship based in the USA.

Time Period: 2015 – 2016

Types of Work: Web Pages + Articles + Blogs + SMM (Social Media Marketing) Content.

My Writing Bits in Healthcare Niche:

Yoga in Healthcare

I used to write in the trophy niche and accidentally I met with a healthcare topic “Yoga in Healthcare” with enough scope to showcase my expertise in writing on Healthcare topics.

My Writing Bits in Legal & Website Policies Niche:

Legal & Policies Niche

I have written content with legalities in mind for the websites. For instance T&C (Terms & Conditions), Privacy Policies, User Agreements, (for e-commerce) shipping & refund & return like pages.

Apart from these, I had opportunities to serve a client with content in legal niche like insurance.

My Writing Bits in Electrical E-commerce Niche:

I got an opportunity to create content in the electrical ecommerce niche for a blog.

My Writing Bits in Shipping Niche:

Shipping Niche

I had an opportunity to create content in the shipping/Cargo niche for a blog.

My Writing Bits in Manufacturing Niches:

Manufacturing niche for a freelancer


I got the opportunity to create content on a WordPress site for an air cooler manufacturer.


I have created a WordPress website and uploaded content as per my guts.

My Writing Bits in Different Types of Content Needs as a Freelancer

With the pace of my content writing journey, as a freelancer, I have some golden opportunities to attend a variety of content types. Let me introduce you to some prominent and trendy content types prevailing in the contemporary content writing market.

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