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An Avid Content Writer in Your Content Writing Service

I am a freelance content writer with more than a decade of writing experience for various web content niches. I am a passionate writer. Yes, passionate about a variety of subjects and topics and satisfying patrons and their target audience. Explore my menu here to learn more about my services, portfolio, and testimonials.

What Do I Do in Content Writing:

I address two kinds of audiences while writing the content.

UX Eye

Humans are striving for the best content experience while achieving their purposes to surf the web or a website.


Search engines/bots/crawlers struggle to collect the required data set in their algorithms to rank the content or a site.

I justify it beautifully

What Does Help Me in Content Writing?

user behavior

User Behavior:

I have many years of experience in learning the behavior of users while consuming the content.



Good command over the language aspects at the professional level to make content awesome & converting.

content readability


Addressing readability to make content readable yet not boring or monotonous despite it being a technical content.

Content Simplisity


The least repetitions of words, tech-jargons, and segmentation of para in short yet sweet ways.

content writing trends


Constant observation of the latest writing trends and respecting suggestions for improvement when it comes to any wise corner!

deep search

Deep Search:

The devotion of enough time to search the matter on a given topic and collect solid references to cite if needed.

Different Tones in My Content Writing

I have achieved mastery on almost all major tones of the modern content writing.

Informative Content

Expository: Informative content

  • How-To-Articles
  • News Stories
  • Recipes
  • Textbooks
  • Technical/Business
  • Scientific Writing

Descriptive: Describing senses

  • Visual/Sight
  • Aural/Sound
  • Olfactory/Smell
  • Tactile/Touch
  • Gustatory/Taste


Persuasive: Convince readers

  • Copywriting
  • Brochure
  • Sales Copy
  • Shopping Catalogs
  • Speech
  • Reviews

Narrative: Storytelling

  • Story Telling
  • Script Writing
  • Non-Fiction
  • Diary & Journal Entries
  • Biography Narratives
  • Prose


Different Styles in My Content Writing

style guides

These Are Style Guides We Follow

  • Associated Press Stylebook (API) Guide
  • Chicago Manual of Style: (CMS) Specially designed for researchers to cite their references.
  • Modern Language Association (MLA): philosophy, arts, religions, music, literature, history, & language.
  • Yahoo! Style Guide
  • The Economist Style Guide
  • Buzzfeed Style Guide
  • The Guardian Style Guide

How Do I Prove Effective?



Flattering ways to address CTA (Call-to-Action) section to do effective marketing and conversion.

content marketing

Avid Internet Marketer:

Learning about SEO and the latest algorithm changes to address such sensitive aspects in the most practical and collaborative ways with the team at the client-side or the SEO touchpoint.

Client Centric Content


I always remain honest when suggesting something to the clientele. I take lean approaches to grab their attention when something seems going wrong with the content or in the way content consumes.

Edit & Proofreads

Edited & Proofread:

I always ready for editing and proofreading unless my patrons get complete satisfaction.

Where Do I Make Differences:

Have a Designer’s Eye:

I have spent a sizeable period of my second career in the graphics design and animation industry. It helps me to include visual content in multimedia formats.

Multimedia Marketing

A Multimedia Expert:

I accustomed to photo or image editing software, audio-video editing software, and much more in the industry to play with visual content to make it unique and converting.


Types of Writers

Knacks in UX Content Writing:

My knacks in UX designing helps me to offer UX content writing services even remotely! I can collaborate with the designing teams easily.

Scientific & Technical Writing (STW) skills.


Scientific & Technical Writing (STW) course based on CMS (Chicago Manual Style guide) that I learned during my M.SC. tenure at Vet. Sci. & A. H. – Anand in Agri. Uni. helped me be a professional academic writer in the first place.


It is the most amazing ability in me, and often I wonder myself with it! How fast I grasp the latest and upcoming technologies to convert highly intricate things into simple and easy to comprehend terms/stories.

Content Writing Services

Diverse Niche Expertise

I am a fortunate content writer who had adequate experiences in writing for diverse niches/domains/industries to meet modern challenges. My contribution to Commercial Augmented Reality & Progressive Web Apps is solid evidence.

My Services In A Nutshell

I am a copywriter when I provide the following services

  • Website Copy
  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Slogans
  • Taglines
  • Case Studies
  • Press Releases
  • Ad Copy
  • Product Descriptions
  • Emails
  • Brochures
  • Company Profile
  • Billboards
  • Video Scripts
  • SEO Copy
  • Social Media Posts

I am a content writer when I provide the following services

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Magazine Features
  • White Papers
  • Lead Magnets
  • Industry Reports
  • E-books
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media Post
  • SEO Content

If you are interested to have a look at my work, my freelance content writing portfolio is the best destination. You can explore my work in different nices and services contexts.

Once you have convinced yourself that I am the best fit for your next project, let me know my services, including hire content writers for a variety of work types and contexts.

For your perusal, I have uploaded some ratings and reviews given by my real clients on various freelancing platforms, including Upwork (oDesk) and Fiverr.

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