The Story of User Research & Content Writer

Recently, one of my clients asked me to carry out user research to write content for her business. She wanted me to come up with keywords for SEO, find an appropriate title to catch the attention of her audience, prepare a content layout to give an excellent user experience, and come up with a compelling […]

What to Look While Buying Maternity Clothes?

Combating body and silhouette changes is the biggest challenge during the pregnancy and postpartum stage for women. Maternity clothes are something for meeting changing needs and getting ultimate comfort. However, many women face a dilemma while buying the right maternity clothes. Imagination is altogether different from actual experience. this fact proves near the truth when […]

What Is Press Release Writing?

What Is Press Release? According to Wikipedia, a press release is an official statement. It delivers useful or critical information to the news media houses and members like journalists privately or publicly. Significance of Press Release in Search Engine Ranking However, sending a press release to numerous media houses individually seems an impossible task today, […]

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